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2024 Volvo EX90 Tailgate Cargo Chart

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The EX90 has handy little great easter egg in the trunk that shows a diagram of how much cargo space there is and what kind of items can fit inside.

Modern Volvos are known for having great interiors, combining minimalist design with fancy little surprises, like crystal gear shifters or embroidered Swedish flags. So when Volvo unveiled the new EX90 electric SUV in Stockholm on Wednesday, I was stoked to see a familiar level of attention to detail. But I wasn’t expecting to find a handy-dandy measurement chart in the cargo area.

When you open the EX90’s liftgate – electronically, natch – there’s a diagram embossed above the rear window that lists various measurements of the SUV’s cargo quarters. In both inches and meters, Volvo writes out the length of the load floor behind each row of seats, with a bonus measurement for when the front passenger seat is pushed all the way forward, and details the width and height of the cargo hold, too. That’ll be super helpful for knowing if you can fit that sweet new Lommarp bookcase in your EX90 before you waste precious electric range driving to Ikea.

Beyond just the measurements, Volvo has a few pictures of various items that it says will fit in the EX90, including a stroller, suitcases, golf clubs, floor lamp, skis and even a fridge (it’s a large three-row SUV, after all). All that’s missing is a built-in tape measurer for when you’re browsing the aisles at Home Depot debating a new washing machine. Though I suppose this means you can’t use the “ope, sorry, won’t fit” excuse when you just don’t feel like helping your buddy move a bulky chest of drawers.
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