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As nice as the new Google-powered infotainment system is (and I genuinely think it's awesome), it's hard to get past the fact that CarPlay has been missing for iPhone users.
Volvo has promised a fix is coming and it looks like they're ready to deliver. They just sent out a press release (pasted below) promising to deliver CarPlay to all the new Volvos with the Android OS via an over-the-air update. I love the image they made for it!
Annoyingly, they're pretty vague on timing, but the fact that they've put this release out makes me optimisitc.

From Volvo:
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Volvo Cars adds Apple® CarPlay® support for new models with over-the-air update

(July 28, 2022) The latest over-the-air software update from Volvo Cars adds a variety of feature and quality improvements including Apple CarPlay to Volvo passenger vehicles equipped with Google built-in.

After downloading the new software to their Volvo, iPhone users are able to seamlessly connect and access apps wherever Apple CarPlay is available.

Over-the-air updates are designed to make car ownership easier and more flexible by providing customers with the latest software and new or updated features via a few clicks on the in-car touchscreen.

Volvo Car USA previously announced all 2023 models will be eligible for over-the-air updates. Since October 2021 Volvo Cars has been regularly offering U.S. owners over-the-air updates, a key technology for delivering on the company’s ambition to continuously improve customer cars.

“Through over-the-air updates we can make sure that our customers can enjoy new features quickly and easily,” said Jim Nichols, head of product and technology consumer offer at Volvo Car USA. “It also means that a new Volvo car continues improving even after it has left the factory.”

Note to editors

  • Release timing and over-the-air availability of the software update mentioned above may differ between models and powertrains.
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