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Delivery Delay

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Anybody else get this email….


What are your thoughts? I’m not surprised at all and kind of anticipated this would have happened.
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Yup I saw the same news today, not only the EX90 but the Polestar 3 has been delayed too. Seems like it's a software issue.

Demand for the car remains high, Volvo said. Doing further work on the vehicle’s software will help ensure a quality experience for all customers, the company said.

Production was previously planned to begin at the end of 2023, a Volvo spokesperson said. He declined to say when the company now expects the model to reach showrooms.
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What I found most interesting about the email was this statement: If you need a car while you wait for your Volvo EX90, we will be in touch with options over the coming months.

I wonder what they will offer.
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