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Will be interesting to see exactly how it undercuts the XC40 Recharge.
I hope Volvo offers some competitive pricing options.
Volvo EX30 Entry-Level EV Crossover Coming In 2023

"Volvo’s confirmed that a baby Volvo EV crossover is coming next year.

When the Volvo EX90 debuted this year, the brand had a shadowy silhouette of a much smaller vehicle lurking in the background. Well, it looks like that vehicle has officially been confirmed. In an interview with Automotive News Europe, Volvo CEO Jim Rowan confirmed that the baby Volvo EX30 is coming next year.

We do know that the EX30 will use the same SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) that underpins the EX90, and the China and Europe-exclusive Smart #1. In fact, it is likely that the EX30 will share many of its dimensions with the Smart #1; which is a pint-sized 168 inches long, and powered by single or dual motor setups ranging from 268 to 422 horsepower.

Rowan called the EX30 a “key part” of Volvo’s strategy. When released, it’s expected that the EX30 will undercut the XC40 Recharge, making it the cheapest EV the brand would have on offer.

Like the Smart #1, the EX30 will be made in China. But, the sales experience is a little different. Volvo is doing an online-only sales subscription model, with a minimum 3-month commitment. The service is targeted toward Gen-Zers, who are looking for a one-stop shop, easy ownership experience. It’s unclear if this model will be preserved when (or if) the Volvo EX30 comes to the U.S. or Canada. Historically, subscription models of car sales haven’t done very well in either country.

We should learn more concrete details about the Volvo EX30 before it goes on sale next year."
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