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Just bought S60 Plug In Hybrid with 1427 miles on it. Is it early or late 2022?

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Just bought this car 2 days ago. Love it so far. The driver's door sticker shows it being made in 12/21 and it was first sold in Washington state in March 2022.. Is it an early or a late 2022?
We also have a 2018 Nissan Leaf which is great, but our experiences with using fast charging stations is not great.
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Congratulations @james.t.amos and welcome to the forum! Since it was built in December 2021 I'd say your S60 would be more like an early 2022 vehicle.

When you say you've had isses with charging stations is that with the Leaf specifically or in general with EVs?
I now think the 2022 S60 Plug-in Hybrid is an "early" because the electric range shown after of full charge is 22 or 23 miles.
The Nissan Leaf issue is that a fast charge requires the CHAdeMO connector and those on public fast charge stations are few and far between. Charged up at one, believed it when it said I had added 50 miles to the 30 some miles I had prior to the fast charge, and barely made it the 45 miles home!
I am planning a trip across the barren wilderness that is west Texas and there just are not enough CHAdeMO charging stations as my Leaf has a 150 mile range so that means that I would want to find charging stations not more than 120 miles apart. Thus the reason I purchased the 2022 Volvo S60 Plug-in Hybrid so I can go some 500+ miles on a tank of gas. Yes, I wish it was a full electric with a 500 mile range!
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