Volvo's electrified models made up 25.1 percent of total sales volume.

Volvo Car USA reports sales of 8,434 cars in June
  • Recharge models account for a quarter of US sales; 75 percent in California
  • Recharge sales in Canada increased more than 50 percent
MAHWAH, NJ (July 5, 2022) Volvo Car USA reported sales of 8,434 cars in June, with Recharge models (EVs and PHEVs) representing 25.1 percent of total volume as industry challenges persisted.

Sport Utility Vehicles continued to dominate, accounting for 92.7 percent of total sales. In the U.S. the seven-passenger XC90 midsize luxury SUV was the month’s top seller, followed by the XC60 compact luxury SUV and XC40 small luxury SUV.

A quarter of all U.S. sales (25.1 percent) were of Recharge models (PHEVs and EVs); three quarters (75 percent) in California.

In Canada, June sales of Recharge models increased 51.4 percent over the same month last year, while Year to Date sales were up 0.6 percent over the same period in 2021.

As a whole the Volvo Car Americas region saw 10,309 cars sold during the month. Sales of Recharge models accounted for 27.9 percent of sales across the region.

“Demand for our cars remains strong but inventory challenges continue,” said Anders Gustafsson, Senior Vice President, Volvo Car Americas and President and CEO, Volvo Car USA.