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What caught my attention with the Volvo car sales figures is the most recent four-month trajectory for the C40. Even those Volvo states in the narrative header in the link above that electrified vehicle volumes are growing, that does not seem to translate into growing C40 sales. Are they focused more on plug-in hybrids across the entire Volvo line?

One might assume the “problem” with lack of growth in sales for the C40 is due to delivery transit issues. But I do not believe that is the whole story since Europe is their largest market. What we do not know is whether C40s are being built but parked in lots awaiting chips. Personally, I am disappointed not to see more growth in the C40 sales since that is a key indicator of success in Volvo’s transition to pure electric vehicles. Interesting!

Volvo C40 Sales
November 2021 = 145
December 2021 = 1,051
January 2022 = 1,002
February 2022 = 1,007
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