Volvo just confirmed that the EX30 will arrive June 2023 and go on sale soon after.

"While specific details remain under wraps, Volvo boss Jim Rowan pledged that the EX30 will be "very safe" and offer a "decent range" as well as a "good size." Downsizing in terms of price and size will help the Swedish company reach a wider audience. "The age demographic that we have at Volvo is a lot older than we would like; we'd like to get some more younger people into the brand," the CEO told CarSales.

Letting customers buy the EX30 online will help lure younger drivers, according to Volvo's research. However, it's not forgetting about older motorists: It expects that older drivers who want a smaller car and don't regularly drive long distances will be interested in the EX30 as well.

As we previously reported, the EX30 will share its Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform with the Smart #1. The connection isn't as random as it might seem: China-based Geely owns Volvo and runs Smart via a joint-venture with Mercedes-Benz. Rear-wheel drive will come standard, and buyers will have several battery sizes to choose from, though it sounds like none will be massive. Rowan expects that driving range will become less of a concern for electric-car drivers as the charging infrastructure improves in the coming years."