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Volvo EX30 Prototype Spotted Testing

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The new fully-electric Volvo EX30 is expected to be launched next month, and here’s our first look at a prototype testing in Southern Europe. The new shots shed new light on the car giving us a good look at the unique LED signatures that are part of the EX30’s design.

Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Land vehicle
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Car Vehicle
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Car
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire
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Great photos! From what's shown it looks promising. I find it funny they didn't bother to try and cover the headlights at all haha, it's a clear giveaway.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts