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Volvo met with some of their dealers in Miami to show them their plan for the next few years.

According to reports Volvo told dealers that their first new EV will arive next year. On top of that there will be 5 new EVs and two new plug-in hybrids coming over the next few years.

The five EVs will include large and a small crossover, a sedan, and two sporty wagon-like models.

Last week, Volvo met with some of its dealers in Miami to show them its plan for the next few years. The Swedish automaker is accelerating its electrification strategy en route to going fully electric by the end of the decade. In the shorter term, the plan includes no fewer than five new zero-emissions models.

Volvo gathered around 800 dealers from North America and South America and told them the first new EV from the brand will arrive next year. There are no details about what model, in particular, will be launched in 2023, though we believe this could be the fully-electric successor of today’s XC90, rumored to receive the Embla moniker. As a side note, the current XC90 could remain in production for a few more years.

According to preliminary information, reported by Automotive News, the five new EVs from Volvo will include a large and a small crossover, a sedan, and two sporty wagon-like models. People who attended the meeting told the online publication the automaker describes these two wagons as "activity vehicles." In addition, two new plug-in hybrids will be launched, basically redesigned versions of the S90 and XC90 PHEVs.

The early feedback from the dealers was reportedly very positive. One retailer told Automotive News Volvo is "nailing" the product mix and that "Volvo is one of the most exciting manufacturers." In support of its electrification strategy, the automaker also told its sellers it will start assembling more cars at its US plant in Ridgeville, hiring more employees in the process.

Early and yet unconfirmed information claims Volvo is working on an EV version of the XC60 and a slightly larger SUV with internal designation V546, positioned between the XC60 and XC90. Also, another electric vehicle will be developed to slot below the XC40 in the brand’s model portfolio.
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