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Reports are coming out of China suggesting that Volvo is working on an electric minivan for the Chinese market. The van would be made based on the Zeekr 009.

If Volvo offered a van for sale would you be interested?

A new report suggests Volvo is working on an all-electric MPV and will launch the newcomer on the Chinese market later this year, according to Car News China (CNC).

The Swedish automaker previewed the profile of the mystery Volvo in a media presentation in China. According to the publication, Volvo's first-ever MPV will be based on the Zeekr 009, a van with more than 500 horsepower on tap.

This makes sense, as both the Volvo and Zeekr brands are under the ownership of Geely. As such, it's safe to assume the Volvo family hauler will debut with a twin-motor, four-wheel drive setup and the 009's SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform.

Volvo's MPV will receive a more restrained exterior and is expected to debut as a concept in Q3/2023. According to the report, a production version will hit the Chinese market towards year-end.

The MPV would introduce Volvo's safety technologies into an entirely new segment.

Volvo has always placed crash protection at the top of its priority list, and it would be fair to assume the new MPV would continue this tradition of offering buyers top-notch safety. As such, we can expect the usual accouterments - a raft of airbags and driver assists - but there's a strong possibility that the Swedish automaker may poach autonomous tech from the new EX90 EV and implement it in the people mover.

As a reminder, the electric range-topper boasts an array of sensors (including eight cameras and 16 ultrasonic sensors) capable of sighting objects some distance away. It's unlikely to be a fully-autonomous MPV like the Pininfarina-designed Holon mover, but we anticipate seriously advanced self-driving capabilities.

Whether Volvo's MPV will make a local debut remains to be seen, but well-to-do families tend to steer clear of premium minivans (Mercedes R-Class, anyone?) and opt for SUVs.

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