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Obviously hard to know at this point, but wondering if folks here think the EX90 will be capable enough to easily handle the kind of sketchy forest service road leading to our mountain cabin in Colorado. We currently have an aging 4Runner as our mountain car that we'll be replacing. I've got pre-orders in on the EX90 and the Rivian R1S. I'm increasingly skeptical about the Rivian because of many forum reports of seriously reduced range in cold weather, generally low efficiency, and vampire drain when left outside. (In winter -- 6 plus months long at 11,000 feet -- we park our vehicle for 1-3 days where the plowed road ends and snowshoe in to the cabin). By contrast our Volvo XC 40 Recharge purchased in May 2021 and which we love loses only modest range in winter. Specs say the EX90 has almost the same clearance as our 4Runner. Thanks for any advice.
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